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Pure Care Pro is a modern, fast developing company, specializing in innovative developments and in the sale of natural products of high quality with proved effectiveness and safety. We are a supplemental company based out of the Pacific Northwest that currently carries two products that have been sold in Europe for the past six years with a multitude of success stories. Our products, Lipomezin and Renohelp, are new to the US market and were meticulously crafted with all natural, peer-reviewed ingredients to help our customers achieve relief with no side effects.

Lipomezin was created to lower cholesterol while avoiding statins and their side effects. Through Pure Care Pro patented active molecule red yeast rice, Lipomezin is able to help its users maintain a healthy cholesterol level and increase circulatory system function which could eventually help lower blood pressure. Lipomezin can yield substantial improvements in cholesterol numbers within 60 days.

Renohelp is our savior for patients with chronic kidney disease and kidney related issues. Through a higher concentration of round-head lespedeza extract, birch leaf extract, and red bilberry extract, Renohelp has been found to help increase the detoxifying capabilities of the kidneys, filter uric acid to relieve gout, reduce inflammation of the urinary system and could protect the kidneys from the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Renohelp can yield measurable results in 60 days or less, lowering uric acid, creatinine and urea levels.

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The products of Pure Care Pro are produced in a modern production facility based in Bulgaria, Europe, which holds all the certificates needed, among which are GMP which guarantee the highest quality standards. The production is carried out in an FDA registered facility. Our products are patent-protected, and we ensure that every new product is created with safety, quality, and effectiveness.


Pure Care Pro quickly conquered its own share among the most preferred and high valued producers and distributors of natural nutritional supplements. Ever since we appeared on the market, the interest for the products we offer constantly increases because the consumers quickly estimate their advantages – precisely selected natural ingredients, combined in their optimum proportion for achieving the best clinical effect. And most importantly, they are consistent with the perfect unity of the human body functioning. The achievements of the company are an unquestionable fact.


The gained trust and the consumer’s recognition stimulate the team to develop and to put on the market a range of innovative active ingredients. Every project for a new therapeutic product is first estimated from the point of view of its applicability, safety and opportunity for realization. The choice of raw materials, which in combination achieve the goal, is the most important step on the way to the realization. The main requirements for them are to be natural and with proved effectiveness in carried out scientific observations.


Pure Care Pro has a mission, which is ‘Care for human health.’

Download FDA registered facility document – 1.47 MB (PDF)

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