About us

Pure Care Pro

Pure Care Pro is not only the name of the company we present to you, but also the motto which its team follows on the way to progress and recognition.

  • Pure natural products
  • Health care
  • Professionalism in their development
  • Production and marketing

Pure Care Pro is a modern, fast developing company, specialized in innovative developments and in the sale of natural products of high quality with proved effectiveness and safety.

Pure Care Pro quickly conquered its own share among the most preferred and high valued producers and distributors of natural nutritional supplements. Ever since we appeared on the market, the interest for the products we offer constantly increases because the consumers quickly estimate their advantages – precisely selected natural ingredients, combined in their optimum proportion for achieving the best clinical effect. And most importantly, they are consistent with the perfect unity of the human body functioning. The achievements of the company are an unquestionable fact.

The gained trust and the consumer’s recognition stimulate the team to develop and to put on the market a range of innovative active ingredients, unknown until now. The list of the products offered constantly extends and the goal is to cover the socially important diseases – renal and urinary, problems with high cholesterol and triglycerides, cardio-vascular, bone-joint, problems with the liver, with the immune system, stress and anxiety. This is the first step towards the idea of every new project, which should be directed towards the particular problem. Every project for a new therapeutic product is first estimated from the point of view of its applicability, safety and opportunity for realization. The choice of raw materials, which in combination achieve the goal, is the most important step on the way to the realization. The main requirements for them are to be natural and with proved effectiveness in carried out scientific observations.

It is a practice in the company’s activity to protect the originality of its products with a registration of patents. The most important requirements on which every new product is created are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness

The products of Pure Care Pro are produced in a modern production facility, based in Bulgaria, Europe, which holds all the certificates needed, among which are GMP which guarantee the highest quality standards. The production is carried out in FDA registered facility.

Pure Care Pro has a mission, which is 'Care for human health'.

Download FDA registered facility document - 1.47 MB (PDF)