Incredible Results!


I purchased it for my father who is a heart patient and was on high doses of statins to keep his cholesterol levels under control. Unfortunatelly he developed muscle break down and elevated liver enzymes while on statin medication. His doctors switched him to a fibrate which was not able to get cholesterol down to desirable levels. At the suggestion of a family friend in Europe my dad decided to give Lipomezin a try. In July of 2017 with the approval of his primary doctor he started taking Lipomezin. At that point his total cholesterol was 246 and LDL was 178. In November 2017 he went in for a recheck and his cholesterol had gone down to total 197 and LDL 104. In April 2018 at his cardiologist office cholesterol levels were: total 170 and LDL 106. Cardiologist was quite impressed with the results. Needless to say my dad will continue to take Lipomezin.

- tamara protassyon June 13, 2018



My Actual Numbers:

I started from Cholesterol # 177, triglyceride # 274 HDL# 31 LDL# 123
new numbers is Cholesterol #125, Triglycerides# 96, HDL 31.9, and LDL 74. This is a Huge reduction, and now in good ranges. I did blood test 4 months after using Lipomezin and diet changes.

I did LIPOMEZIN with some pretty strict diet changes, less eggs, less red meat, increased with more nuts, grains, all helped change these numbers. I am really happy with the results that I received.

- steve nagelon October 9, 2018


Lipomezin works!


A relative of ours was trying to replace statin for a long time and with this supplement Lipomezin he was able to keep the same level of cholesterol as with statin.

- Valentinon July 26, 2018

I really like this product


I really like this product. [...] Since I have been using it my cholesterol has lowered over 50 points which I haven't had happen before.

- Cheri W.on June 5, 2018